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Welcome to SuperNova Duck Tollers

Top Quality Dog Breeder

We are a breeder of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and are passionate about promoting this wonderful little red dog that originated in Nova Scotia over 100 years ago.  Our goal as a breeder is to produce top quality healthy Tollers with excellent temperament and true to the breed standard.

We do not have any immediate plans for a future litter at this time.

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A Quality Dog Breeder

SuperNova Duck Tollers is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and

a member in good standing with the NSDTR Club of Canada.

Our Tollers live with us in our home, and they are first and foremost our companions and dear friends.  They accompany us everywhere they are allowed to go, and they very much enjoy riding in their chariots behind our bicycles, camping, boating, kayaking, hiking, swimming, long walks and of course obedience training.  If you are not familiar with the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever breed, I encourage you to visit “About Tollers” on our page to learn more about them.

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Our Foundation Female

LittleRiver's Promise and Hope "Meg"

We are so proud and extremely honoured to say our Foundation Female is LittleRiver’s Promise & Hope, bred by Douglas Coldwell of Little River Kennels, in Blomidon, Nova Scotia.  

October 2019: When Doug Coldwell of Little River Kennels agreed to sell us an unrestricted breeding female, we were on a flight to Nova Scotia the very next day.  I cannot describe the excitement and honour we felt of having our foundation female a Little River Kennel bred dog. 

We were so fortunate to travel around this beautiful Province with our little girl, before flying with her back to B.C.  Here are some highlights of our trip:

  • Going to LittleRiver Kennels in Blomidon, Nova Scotia and meeting the legendary breeder Doug Coldwell in person.

  • We of course had to visit Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, where the “Little Duck Dog” originated.  We also had the pleasure of finally meeting Barbara & David Blauvelt of ScotiaPride Tollers, who were instrumental in recommending us as a breeder to Doug Coldwell.  There is a very strong connection between LittleRiver and ScotiaPride Tollers.  I thank both Barbara and Douglas for entrusting us as a breeder.

  • Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, is a beautiful sea-side community nestled in the Annapolis Valley steeped with a rich, historic past.

  • Wandering through the historic waterfront towns of Annapolis Royal and Lunenburg, with the distinctive colourful buildings steeped with a rich, historic past.  Words fail to describe the sobering emotion one feels when reading all the names of those lost at sea on the Lunenburg Fisherman's Memorial.  A must see if visiting Nova Scotia.

  • The beautiful fall colours in October are breathtaking. Mahone Bay, Halls Harbour, the Bay of Fundy, Wolfville and of course Halifax.

  • We stopped for a pint of beer at the Red Stag Tavern in Halifax, and  asked if we could bring our little Toller puppy into the pub.  The bar tender said, "Yes of course she's welcome, but we're not sure about you two.”    A big thank you to the wonderful staff at the Red Stag Tavern for your wonderful Nova Scotian hospitality. 

  • Our little girl was so good on the flight back to B.C.  A layover in Calgary was welcomed to stretching her legs and a potty break in the doggie bathroom at the Calgary Airport.  Thank you Calgary Airport for having the canine amenities!

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Little River Kennels & Doug Coldwell

Who is Little River Kennels & Douglas Coldwell, and why are they so important to the history of Toller breeding in Canada… and to us?

They are a CKC Permanently Registered Kennel, that began breeding champion Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers in 1969, giving this kennel the distinct honour of being the longest serving Toller Breeder in the world!  Kennel owned by brother-in-laws Jim Jeffery and Douglas Coldwell. 

Sadly Jim passed away in 2017 & Doug has now retired from breeding.

We feel extremely fortunate to have a LittleRiver dog as our foundation female, and to have had Doug Coldwell as a Mentor.  Thank you for entrusting us with LittleRiver's Promise and Hope.    


Our Foundation Male

Pikkinokka's SuperNova Fire In The Hole "Riggs"

We are so proud and extremely honoured to say our Foundation Male is Pikkinokka's SuperNova Fire In The Hole "Riggs", bred by Til Niquidet of Pikkinokka Kennels.

Our Mentor, Doug Coldwell highly recommended Til Niquidet of Pikkinokka Kennels.  Quote: "I have known and shown dogs with Til for many years, and she knows what she is doing.  She knows "a lot" about breeding top quality Tollers,  For over 25 years she has had entries at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show, held in New York City.  You would be very lucky to have a stud dog from her, and she is in your home Province."

I am so honoured to say we now have a Pikkinokka stud, and super honoured to have Til as my mentor close to home! 

Thank you Til for entrusting us with Riggs (Pikkinokka’s SuperNova Fire In The Hole)

Riggs May 20 2021_edited.jpg
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About NSDTR Dogs


Considered a rare breed, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is the smallest of the Retriever breeds.  This true Canadian Breed was developed in the Acadian community of Little River Harbour in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, at the beginning of the 19th century.  The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was originally referred to as the “Little River Duck Dog” before being officially recognized in 1945 by the Canadian Kennel Club as a pure bred dog.

According to the CKC, The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was developed to toll (or lure) and retrieve waterfowl. The tolling dog runs, jumps, and plays along the shoreline in full view of a flock of ducks, occasionally disappearing from sight and then quickly reappearing, aided by the hidden hunter, who throws small sticks or a ball for the dog. The dog’s playful actions lure the curious ducks within gunshot range. The dog is then sent to retrieve the downed bird.


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Tollers), are known to be very intelligent, alert, high-energy working dogs.  They are happiest when they are with "their people" and have a job to do.  They can excel at various types of competitions such as field events, agility, dock diving, obedience, scent training, SAR work, therapy dog,  or confirmation competitions.   They also very much enjoy hiking, swimming, walking, playing games such as fetch, find-it, etc, etc


A duck tolling retriever is the World's best mood-lifter!  They are exploding with life and enthusiasm. 


Male: Height 19-20" and 45-51lbs

Female: Height 18-19" and 37-43lbs



They are sweet by nature, typically very good with children and make wonderful pets and companions.   It is important to socialize your puppy with adults and children from an early age.  Children can move fast and can be rough, so it is important to teach children how to approach and interact with your dog so everyone is safe.  Tollers are sweet loving companions, however, they are still a dog and if they feel threatened, like any dog, they will defend themselves.  You should never leave young children unattended with any dog.


High-Energy Breed:

Is a joy in the right hands – but "too much dog" for someone who is looking for a couch potato.  They are energetic and outgoing with their owners and family, and can be cautious and reserved around strangers if not adequately socialized at a young age.  It is critical to take the time to exposure your Toller puppy to new people, locations, sights, smells and noises as it is crucial for their continued healthy balanced development.  


Tollers tend to get along well with other dogs; however, they have a strong prey drive and may chase after cats or other small animals.  This prey drive can be avoided if cats (for example), are introduced early in the Toller’s life.  Failure to properly socialize Tollers at a young age may result in aggressive, destructive, or timid behaviour in maturity. 


Highly Intelligent

Did I say highly intelligent again… Yes, Tollers learn wickedly fast and they remember things that are important to them. They will never cease to amaze you. When your Toller looks into your eyes, you can see their intelligence and you know they love you (or maybe they are hungry, or want outside, or you’ve hidden the ball again….) There is never a dull moment with a Toller.


If you are unable to be consistent and firm (kind, but firm) about the rules of your household, you will find that the ruler of your house has four legs and is red.



Tollers are emotionally and physically sensitive: You have to be careful with how much pressure you apply in training.



Tollers are happy to be wherever "their people" are – whether that is in the conformation ring, hunting, playing fetch, walking or watching a movie. They are able to go from being relaxed and quiet to bounding retriever in mere seconds. They like new experiences and are easy to take traveling.

Keen sense of smell:

They can make fantastic scent detection dogs.



Tollers do blow their coat seasonally, and need to be brushed.  


Sporting Breed:

Tollers are bred to be working dogs. They have a fanatical drive to work, and an abundance of energy. It is CRITICAL to devote time daily to keep that energy channeled in a positive way.  They are exceptionally intelligent and athletic and can excel in a variety of dog sports and activities.  They need to be challenged and engaged by their work, or they get bored and stop paying attention.


It is equally CRITICAL to continue with their socialization.  Tollers are happy, friendly dogs by nature, however they can become cautious if not socialized and exposed to new and different things especially from a young age going forward.  


Tollers love “their people”:

Tollers are great communicators, and they love deeply.  They have the ability to communicate with humans in many ways (with their eyes, vocalizations, and body language).  When excited, anxious or want your attention, Tollers tend to vocalize with a whine or "whistle", sometimes called the “Toller Scream”.  This is very effective and will get your attention, although it can be irritating when done to excess.  



Tollers are generally a healthy breed, thanks to the hard work of reputable breeders that do a battery of health clearances prior to breeding.  These health clearances give the best possible chance of breeding healthy puppies.


A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever may be right for you if you want a dog that is….

  • medium-sized

  • you enjoy spending a lot of time with your furry best friend

  • active & athletic 

  • highly intelligent

  • has a lovely feathered coat in shades of orange/red

  • good natured, high-spirited and thrive on vigorous athletic activities

  • fantastic in competitive activities such as obedience and agility

  • you enjoy doing activities with your dog such as:  obedience, agility, confirmation, field events, dock diving, scent training, SAR work, or therapy dog etc.

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SuperNova Toller Puppies

Our Beliefs in Puppy & Dog Rearing:

Research has shown that the first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life are incredibly important.  We as breeders have an incredible opportunity to help our puppies have the very best start possible.  It has been proven that appropriate early sensory and neurological stimulation in puppies at very specific weeks will help imprint, shape and set him/her up for a successful, well balanced future.   


To help us achieve this, we raise our puppies using the gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization, Jane Killion's Puppy Culture Program.  Puppy Culture Explained - HERE

Puppy Culture has brought together a team of leading breeders, veterinarians, and behaviorists to explain the science behind WHY Puppy Culture works so well.  Learn more about the program experts HERE.


We start the SuperNova Puppy Training Program at 3 days old and work with each puppy daily until they leave for their forever home at age 8-9 weeks.  Once the puppy goes to his/her forever home, we ask new owners to continue this training, and we will guide you with that. 


Training is critical for a happy healthy relationship with your dog, and it will help your puppy bond closely with you.  We have found owners that are engaged in activities with their puppy (and adult dog), have the strongest relationships with them.


Puppy Classes & Obedience:

We strongly recommend puppy classes and basic obedience training.  This will give you the foundation you need for success and long happy relationship with your dog.  It will also help give your puppy exposure to new things, will help the puppy focus on you in a distracted environment.


After basic obedience:

Continue to strengthen your bond through an activity that is suited to both you and your dog... e.g. advanced obedience, agility, confirmation, field events, dock diving, scent training, SAR work, or therapy dog training such as Therapeutic Paws of Canada.  These are just a few ideas of activities you can do, and all a ton of fun! 


Recommended Reading/DVDs:


What is included with a SuperNova Puppy:​ 

We want you, your family and your puppy to be successful in your relationship with one another, and to have a lasting bond.  Your success is our success, and we will do everything we can to give you the best start.

  • Health clearances of breeding pair

  • Raised in our home in sanitary conditions

  • Purchase contract, bill of sale & adoption certificate

  • Head start on potty training and introduction to litter box & pee pads

  • Basic obedience training using positive reinforcement

  • Jump Start Socialization: Our puppies are socialized with adults, children, dogs and cats.  They are handled several times daily and introduced to a variety of new things including  how to use stairs, travel in a vehicle, experiencing different terrain, such as carpet, wood, tile and rubber floors, grass, up and down hills, etc.

  • Introduction to Crate Training.  All puppies will be introduced to crate training.  Puppies that are flying to their new homes will have additional crate training prior to their trip.

  • Diet: Puppies are introduced to a variety of raw meat, vegetables, fruits and dog food (kibble)

  • Vaccinations - Our Veterinarian recommends puppy vaccinations should be given at either 12 weeks or when the Mother’s natural immunity she givens her pups has waned.  The first vaccinations are typically after the puppy has gone to their new home.  You must shield your puppy from other puppies until they are fully vaccinated and the waiting period is over after his/her vaccinations.

  • Prior to brining puppy home, we will provide you with a shopping list of suggested items you will need for a seamless adoption.  If you have challenges sourcing items, let us know as we are happy to assist you.

  • Puppies will go home with a “Puppy Package” which includes a puppy collar, leash, rubber toy, treats, poop bags, food & water bowl, and a litter-scented blanket and information so you can continue their training.  


Our Guarantees

  • Routinely dewormed

  • Genetic health warrantied for a period of 2 years

  • CKC registered, certificate issued by Canadian Kennel Club within 6 months of purchase

  • Examined by our veterinarian and certified in good health prior to leaving 

  • Microchip by Veterinarian and with CKC identification number

  • If you can no longer care for your dog, we ask that you contact us.  We do not want any of our dogs going to a shelter.


Our Puppies & Price:

Our puppies are only sold only to approved homes, and there is a thorough screening process for each applicant starting with SuperNova’s Puppy Questionnaire.  The questionnaire will help us vet our applicants, and it will also help us match the puppy to the applicant.    (Example, if there is a pup that is suitable for breeding, they will go to someone looking to purchase a puppy on a breeding contract, etc)  


To talk about price, it is important to know a bit about SuperNova Duck Tollers;  We are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and a member in good standing with the NSDTR Club of Canada.    Our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful family dogs with exceptional temperament, true to the breed standard.    Our puppies are raised in our home with love.  We believe in appropriate early sensory stimulation to give them a developmental advantage which sets them up for a successful, well balanced future.  Our puppies are raised using  Jane Killion’s Puppy Culture Program.  


There are costs associated in responsible breeding such as a health clearances, DNA testing, X-rays of hips and elbows, OFA approved eye exams from a canine ophthalmologist, cardiac testing from approved veterinarian, veterinary costs, CKC registration, Puppy Culture training, etc, etc, and we have incurred cost increases in all of those areas.  So understandably and perhaps reluctantly, we have to pass on some of those increases to the cost of our puppies.  


The price of a responsibly bred Toller puppy is pretty much set in each Country and Region, and we have noticed other breeders have recently increased their price for this rare and in high-demand breed. We have no interest in being the most expensive, nor do we have interest in undermining other responsible breeders with below cost pricing.

Purchaser cost of a SuperNova puppy is $3900 CAD plus shipping if applicable.  

(The sale of our pups is reported income, and therefore under Canadian Federal & Provincial laws we must charge BC sales tax and GST as this applies to live animal sales.) 


Deposit:   Once approved we will require $500 deposit to secure your puppy

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Tracy at Supernova Duck Tollers made the process getting a new puppy so lovely and pain-free. She especially understood the concerns of a younger, first time dog buyer like myself about overly invasive adoption prescreening questions and potential scams and made me feel comfortable the whole way through. That being said, I still felt like asked me enough questions and the right questions, to get a good idea of whether I would be a good fit for a Duck Toller as a breed and my outlook on being a dog owner in general. Once the initial screening was done Tracy had a long call with me and was willing to spend as much time with me as I wanted to make me comfortable with the process. She even offered to let me be involved in some things like picking their registered names as well! Afterwords Tracy used everything she'd learned of me to pick the specific puppy that was right for me and my lifestyle and so far she has chosen perfectly.


She provided me with tons of helpful information that I would need after I'd gotten my puppy, as well as things I would need to know and do before that time so I was fully prepared and confident. On top of this she also gave me plenty of advice and provided me with everything I would need to care for my new puppy for a few days so the transition would be as smooth as possible. She was willing to be flexible and accommodate my wishes to meet her at the airport in Kelowna, which required a bit of a drive for herself, since I live far from Vernon and had to fly to the area to meet her. While she did this she always put the puppy's safety and happiness first.


Everything about my interaction with Tracy and Supernova Duck Tollers made me 100% certain they truly cared for every one of the puppies coming out of there, as well as their lovely dogs who made them. It was clear they were all a part of their family while they were still there. If you are considering a breeder for you new family member and considering a Duck Toller, you won't regret choosing Supernova Duck Tollers.


~Josh & Margot (SuperNova’s Texas Bluebonnet)

  Vancouver Island, BC


Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or to tell us about the toller you are hoping for.

Vernon, British Columbia

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